People Please takes a holistic approach to Human Resources within the organizational and environmental contexts. People are at the core of everything around us; and within an organizational framework, are the critical success factors.

However, it’s not just about having the right people; it’s about ensuring the right people are housed in the right context. As such, People Please goes beyond recruitment to examine the organizational contexts of our clients; getting to intimately know their organizational vision, mission, goals, people and environments before providing a solution. People Please can shrink or expand our portfolio of services, to help organizations reach their goals and take a step closer to their organizational utopia.

Our core strengths are with assisting start up enterprises; organizations experiencing dynamic growth; and companies in need of change.

HR Consultancy Services

People Please believes in building long term strategic relationships with our clients; we believe that being with you for the long term will ensure the greatest level of success. As such we prefer to work on a project basis with ongoing support and maintenance so that we can deliver the best fit holistic solution designed for your long term continued success and competitiveness.

The services we can offer are:


When we analyze your current compensation and benefits we first sit with the leadership of the organization to fully understand their vision of how they would like to compensate their employees; we get to intimately understand the current compensation and benefits structure currently in use. If desired, but highly recommended; we then diagnose internal trends and disparities through holding focus group sessions at various levels of the organization on an anonymous basis. Once the internal landscape has been examined we then examine the external environment through a 5 point market analysis, seeking  to clarify current trends within the geography and industry; this can be tailored to fit your vision of whom you want to be aligned with. Once a full examination of the internal and external environments has been done we use our collective experience and insight to come up with various recommendations that can fit your budget as well as achieve your goals.

The outcomes of which present in the following deliverables:

  • Creation of a grading structure that will live within the organization indefinitely, taking into consideration minor market adjustments over time whilst keeping the structure and scheme intact.
  • Development of commission & reward programs that take into consideration the culture of the organization and its members; the environment within which they operate and the goals the organization wishes to achieve.
  • We can provide recommendations on/or procure additional benefits on behalf of the organization, in the way of medical and life insurance; accommodation procurement and set up; or transportation services.


Off the shelf performance management systems are often generic, expensive and inadequate for handling the diverse and complex nature of organizational environments within the Middle East. Organizations in the Middle East are characterized by diverse employee groups and complex cultural interactions. In order to motivate and reward such diverse work groups a performance management system has to be tailored in consideration of both the internal and external landscapes. The Middle East is a dynamic environment, constantly evolving and shifting; highly competitive in terms of business and talent; in order to motivate and retain talent within a highly pressurized competitive market environment to achieve organizational competitiveness; a bespoke performance management system has the best chance of success.

People please will delve into what is the organizational vision and mission; what goals are to be achieved with what resources. The first step in creating a performance management is to define the internal landscape which presents in the following deliverables:

  • Creating a drilled down organizational structure, defining leader-follower interactions, formal and informal hierarchies and cross border interactions. This is presented pictorially in department and organizational overview organograms as well as a spreadsheet detailing the formal and informal hierarchical interactions.
  • Creation of specific Job descriptions, by first getting ‘real’ input from job holders as to what their jobs entail; sitting with leaders at various levels to review, and to identify job sizing; this will help clarify job holder roles and accountabilities against leadership expectations whilst identifying any additional talent requirements needed.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) linked to job roles and individuals that specifically identify the skills, abilities and competencies required by individuals to successfully carry out tasks that contribute to organizational effectiveness and productivity.
  • Development of a competency dictionary that will become the values and skills the organizational culture will revolve around.
  • Development of the Performance Management System (PMS) and guidelines for use; with training for all levels as requested.
  • Development of the reward matrix linked to PMS outcomes; with detailed guidelines.


People Please believes in ethical recruitment above all else; we seek to find job roles for our candidates that provide a fair and conducive work environment for long term career growth and personal growth. By placing our candidates in the right roles and environment, organizations will gain a valuable asset that is motivated, committed and productive.

People Please recruits from all over the world; we interview every single candidate personally, and in depth to align what our candidates skills, capabilities, and personalities are with the needs, requirements and culture of our clients. Talent acquisition is a two-way street; this is something we believe in strongly at People Please; finding the right person for the right role that creates a win-win for both client and candidate.

Project Recruitment for Start Ups & New Enterprises

People Please excels at hiring on a project basis, this allows us to furnish the vision of the owner and leadership with a custom built team that will assist them in breathing life into their new vision and venture through the procurement of talented people that will be collectively on the same page. We have recruited from Australia, US, UK, Europe and Eastern Europe, Arab countries, Africa and Asia. We promote diversity and balance in the teams that we hire in order to represent the environment that organizations operate within here in the Middle East. No project is too small or too big.  

Head Hunting and C Level Recruitment  

People Please before undertaking any talent acquisition will spend time with first understanding the needs of the client; the role being searched for; the deliverables required of that person; the pressures they may face and the resources they will have. Once the role universe has been critically defined a targeted search will be initiated to find the right person. People Please will never ‘spam’ our clients, each person put forward will be carefully and fully interviewed, reference checked and tested. At C Level and senior positions we will usually recommend psychometric tests for the final 2 shortlisted candidates so our clients will get a better understanding with whom they are placing their leadership in the hands of.  For security sensitive positions we have a subcontractor who can do full background & security checks. For this level of requirement usually a maximum of 3-5 candidates will be presented.

General Recruitment

People Please do general recruitment for clients, as and when their organizations require additional talent; we will take an in-depth brief upon the position available, the history of the position; and an analysis on the team that the person will be working in. In some cases we may recommend access to the team for a couple of days to get a better understanding of whom may be the best fit to achieve the goals of the leadership. As stated, People Please believe in long-term relationships with our clients, we understand the cost and damage of hiring the wrong person; and we take our time in first understanding needs and context before searching for and sending across candidates. We pride ourselves in having a high hit ratio of successful long-term employees who add value to organizations.

Recruitment Assessment Assistance   

In an economic market where our clients are seeking cost effective solutions for their organizations, People Please are happy to assist in organizing and running recruitment open days on their clients behalf. This allows clients to remain actively involved in the recruitment process but essentially gain access to a seasoned and experienced helping hand; at a cost effective price. The client will be part of the assessment center design process, will be an active participant in interviewing on the day and will be the key stakeholder in confirming shortlisted and successful candidates. However the logistics will be taken care of and commentary and validation of candidates will be given.


Training is essential for employee competence and motivation; it not only helps the organization to succeed but it provides employees with the sense of care, promoting loyalty, commitment and a passion for learning.

People Please currently provides 2 training programs; Hospitality service training in both English & Arabic and administrative efficiency training in English.

Hospitality is a booming industry and in the Middle East where dinning out is the norm, the service industry is highly competitive. The key critical success factor in hospitality is front of house staff competency. Our training course is designed to create efficient, friendly, seamless service; ensuring your customers not only enjoy their experience but enjoy it so much that they keep coming back. We teach 10 point service; cultural understanding; and technical skills.

Administrative Efficiency is the backbone of organizational effectiveness; as management requires more accountability and visibility of resource allocation it is up to every member of an organization to be able keep clear and organized records, up to date data analysis and communicate effectively both internally and externally in all forms of communication streams. As such our program centers on business communication etiquette, Excel skills both technical as well as design and solution orientations, email, word and power point. Taking the MS Office suite and taking it beyond the basic use and turning them into powerful organizational efficiency tools. An organization that can clearly and powerfully communicate using modern technologies

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